After a number of successful joint component and entire vehicle design projects with SOKKA (, STARD is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with SOKKA for automotive projects.

Michael Sakowicz, CEO of STARD:
„In the recent past Wojtek Sokolowski (CEO, SOKKA) and his team have played a major role with regards to the aesthetic aspects of our projects. Especially the very intensive motorsport related developments require an extraordinary mix of technical knowledge and groundbreaking creative ideas. These attributes are completed by 100% dedication to any arising task at SOKKA, which altogether perfectly aligns with our philosophy at STARD, and rounds up our performance focused approach. So the next logic step was to name SOKKA as our exclusive partner for styling and industrial design in order to let our fantastic cooperation grow event stronger“.

Wojtek Sokolowski, CEO of SOKKA:
„Striving for excellence is an important part of professionalism in any job. It is something that drives us and our business partners in order to achieve outstanding design results. Teaming up with experienced specialists and engineers from STARD proves that excellence is all about pushing your boundaries. Great projects demand great teams. As a partner of STARD we are more than excited to help making the most challenging projects real.“