STARD KIA cee´d TCR for worldwide motorsport

• TCR touringcar based on road going Kia cee’d GT
• Car presentation middle of the year
• TCR customer motorsport program

The Kia cee´d GT, standing for achievable dynamic, performance and quality, will soon carry these attributes also to the race track.

Under the title „Kia cee´d TCR“ we are providing you a first preview of a revolutionary motorsport project based on a Kia mass production road car. The road car version´s sophisticated design, high quality-standards and great performance are a fantastic base for a race car made for the circuit, complying with the regulations set by the booming „TCR International Series“.

Based on this regulation, a Kia cee´d 5-door touringcar with FWD, and upgraded engine performance of 330 hp / 243 kW, is in the works. A number of high –tech solutions including a sequential paddleshift gearbox, a safety concept complying with the latest FIA standards, multi-adjustable motorsport suspension, and optimised aero-package. All of these features developed and produced by utilising state of the art CAE systems thus meeting the requirements of the regulations and future motorsport customers on the race track without compromises.

The official vehicle presentation will be held later this year after the completion of an intensive testing phase assuring conformity with brand matching high standards of performance and durability. Soon after the Kia cee´d TCR will be produced in a limited series. The touringcar will be made available to motorsport customers and eligible to compete at international and regional racing series such as TCR, ETCC, Nürburgring 24hrs and many more.

The worldwide operating and motorsport experienced R&D specialist STARD
(Stohl Advanced Research and Development, is responsible for the entire project process including development, car production, and customer support. The project initiator STARD, has an impressive heritage of cooperation with the korean brand in various areas.

„The project is based on a very intensive and detailed preparation phase. We can´t wait to see the Kia cee´d TCR hitting the worldwide racetracks and watching it fighting for victory in the hands of our customers.“ says Manfred Stohl, president of STARD „The brand slogan –the power to surprise- will be beefed up a bit by -the power to win-“

Michael Sakowicz, CEO of STARD adds:
„The development status is very satisfying and goes perfectly by plan. We will soon start with the testing programme which, due to the focus on customer motorsport naturally will be pretty extensive and will be carried out on various race tracks. The target is a perfectly solid and highly competitive while still economic racecar. This requires reliability and smart revolutionary solutions at the same time.“

A close connection to the customers and perfect aftersales support, are key factors for STARD apart from the technical targets. Therefore a close cooperation with racing teams already during the development stage is vital for a successful project.

„We are already in discussions with some race teams which are primarily interested in international activity with our Kia cee´d TCR´s. To satisfy the needs of our customers in the best possible way already during the development stage, we plan to cooperate very closely with at least one race-team. In this way we want to assure an perfect and especially customer friendly car already from the first delivered example. That concept has proven successful in past projects.“

TCR and a Kia branded car, an explosive mixture in the most positive meaning.

Manfred Stohl:
„The combination made up of TCR International Series and the Kia cee´d appeared absolutely perfect from the very beginning. The huge demand among interested customers even before the official project release equally demonstrates how anticipated the appearance of Kia-cars was in the motorsport world and how right the choice was with the TCR international series. Customers can´t await the release of the racecar, it seems even more than ourselves! We even have requests from Australia.“

Michael Sakowicz comments:
„Nevertheless the pressure from customers, of course we don´t start to rush. The testing schedule is fixed and without exception will be completed strictly as planned. Reliability and a perfectly functioning car are the most important factors for a successful TCR project. We are aware of this situation and will not loose the focus, which is why the the motorsport world has to have a bit more patience.“

More detailed information about the car, dates and the project itself will be constantly released in the upcoming weeks.