STARD KIA cee´d TCR, First video kicks-off countdown until official presentation.

  • STARD is highly satisfied with project progress
  • Intensive Testing programme continuously ongoing
  • Official car presentation scheduled for october 2016
  • Step by step more detailed updates to be revealed throughout the next weeks
  • Pre-orders now also available for individual customers from september 2016

After months of intensive development work at STARD, the public presentation of the brand new STARD Kia cee´d TCR, is coming closer together with more details revealed about the car and project.

„Since the first official preview of the project and already before, we have worked very intensively and with full focus on the technical solutions. We are extremely pleased about the progress over the last months and are very confident that the first brand new developed 2017 specification car will be highly competitive in all various TCR leagues and beyond.“ Michael Sakowicz, CEO STARD.

Preceeded by countless dyno hours and basic system track tests, the strict testing programme will continue until the 2017 season start in order to ensure perfect reliability, performance, and customer friendliness for sprint and also endurance races. Also the new rules and adaption to the regulation decided at the last „TCR Manufacturer Meeting“ in Munich which took place in July have already been fully integrated into the targets.

Sakowicz adds: „The testing programme is going very well and the results even excel our expectations. We are developing a customer motorsport car, for a client with very clear and strict guidelines, which makes it a big job to have all successfully signed off according to the laid down specification sheet. Therefore we are even more satisfied, that we are perfectly on schedule of our project plan until now.“

To ensure flawless performance, STARD is testing the best available components „back to back“ before deciding which supplier will finally be chosen for the series.

Philipp Thonet, CTO STARD names details: „To ensure that we pick the best suppliers on the market, and that´s what our client and our customers demand, we have decided to test a number of different suppliers especially for the performance deciding assemblies, also having in mind the new tasks for TCR like endurance & 24hrs races. To give an example, we are currently testing 4 different damper suppliers. The same approach applies to gearbox, brakes, engine auxilliaries and many further. This process is time consuming, but ensures that only the best package will find the way ‚into the car‘!“

According to Sakowicz, the official car presentation is „Scheduled for october 2016.“ and is currently being planned. „The final date depends entirely on the approval to officially show the car to the public and is still not fully confirmed yet, but we will reveal more details continuously over the next weeks“ He adds.

Independant of this date, the books for pre-orders for the 2017 season-start cars, will be opened from september, now also to individual customers.

Sakowicz explains: „We have plenty final customers which don´t even want to wait until the official presentation, because they want to ensure their car being among the ones delivered for the 2017 season start and trust in the work we do. It´s great to see how the hard work in our recent top-projects around WRC, Touringcar, and FIA World Rallycross vehicle development paid off, resulting in so much trust by the customers. On the other hand, it will help us a lot to plan deliveries of the initial cars so that our first customers are given a perfect season start with enough testing time prior to the first events, as the production capacities until season start are limited. That´s why we together decided to officially accept also final customer pre-orders now from september 2016, and also are expecting that this list will fill very quickly.“

Special services like technician seminars during each customers initial car build, common rollouts with STARD engineers on a proving ground or even common testing sessions on race tracks as part of the car purchase package will be offered to any customer on demand, being only one small part of the effort to offer a revolutionary flexible customer service, knowing well about usual known difficulties in this area of business, and other recent TCR programmes

In short, the customer care programme of STARD, and also it´s Kia cee´d TCR race car, are aiming to set new standards in the exciting and dynamic TCR world.

Manfred Stohl, President Stohl Group GmbH closes:
„Based on a long term partnership with the korean group and especially Kia Motors Corporation on various levels and areas be it R&D, Marketing, Customer Events and of course Racing Activity, we all are so proud and happy to process this project, and try to help to „rocket“ the image of the brand even more through motorsport, aligning with the great products delivered to customers oh so well. Also the „Kia community“ around the globe is incredibly interested an excited about our project, which again shows us how much the people, from the Picanto- to the K9-customer have waited for a proper Kia road car-based motorsport project. It´s also a project for them, the Kia enthusiasts, owners and lovers, to which we also count ourselves.“

Kicked off by this press information, details about the car and the project will be constantly disclosed until the official presentation. In full accordance with the well known slogan, a few exciting additional ‚surprises‘ can also be expected by then.

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