STARD proudly announces to be the official supplier of IMG´s projekt E as part of an exclusive partnership and being responsible for electric powertrain kits and other services

On Tuesday 2nd April 2019 IMG Motorsports announced: “projekt E” “a ground-breaking initiative with the planned introduction of a dynamic electric racing element to the FIA World Rallycross Championship weekend” [IMG]. STARD is very proud to announce being the official supplier of projekt E, exclusively responsible for electric powertrain kits and other services.

This partnership, is the first of a number of activities of STARD´s very own recently announced “REVelution” campaign, set to sustainably influence rallycross and other motorsport by introducing smart and ground breaking electric powertrain systems.

Manfred Stohl, President STARD: “As usual in such projects and despite being part of IMG´s initiative from the very first moment, so far we preferred to stay in the background in order to process our development entirely undisturbed. As we have now moved on to a very advanced development stage, we are more than happy to announce our exclusive involvement in this ground breaking and incredibly brave undertaking by IMG. On behalf of our entire STARD Team I really would like to especially thank IMG´s Torben Olsen, and Paul Bellamy who made a tremendous job in making this project become reality and especially entrusting STARD with being exclusively responsible for key technical matters. We expect that this project will most certainly redefine an entire motorsport category. Without their forward thinking and fully committed approach it would not have been possible. We are looking forward to extremely exciting weeks, months and years.”

An integral part of STARD´s “REVelution” campaign, is the development of unique solutions tailor-made for the world of rallycross, and especially meeting the unique demands of the category.

These solutions will undergo extended real life in car testing later this year in order to validate the results from test beds and dyno work. For this purpose STARD has chosen 3 different base vehicles in order to ensure a broad variety of test cases already form the very beginning of the activity.

“Rallycross is a very demanding and unique environment. In order to achieve the right amount of performance, it is vital to have relevant experience in this category and thus understand what the real requirements are. In addition to our extensive R&D and racing activity in the FIA World Rallycross Championship since 2015, we have setup a unique development and testing program for our latest generation EV components commencing later this year, which is including 3 different models already from the very beginning. We strive to ensure full flexibility and reliability of our products.



STARD (Stohl Advanced Research and Development and part of Stohl Group GmbH), CEO & founder Michael Sakowicz, is a research and development specialist company active in advanced motorsport, racing and high performance technology.

Stohl Group GmbH was founded and is owned by former Gr.N rally world champion and WRC Star Manfred Stohl and consisting of 3 major independently operating business departments:


  • STARD (R&D for motorsport, automotive and beyond),
  • Stohl Racing (technical and logistic motorsport service, aftermarket),
  • Stohl Apartments (Accommodation)


STARD is focussing on entire vehicle and subsystem development and, together with Stohl Group´s other departments, covers the process chain, from first concept, design, prototype build up, up to small series vehicle production entirely in house.

Stohl Racing additionally offers worldwide top level race service, including the service of STARD in-house developed  racing vehicles.

STARD is very active in R&D projects for full EV powertrain systems and has taken a pioneering role in EV technology for mixed surface motorsport categories like rally and rallycross by introduction of the world´s first all-electric Rally/Rallycross development car “HIPER MK1”

Infos on HIPER MK1:

STARD is further official supplier of IMG´s “projekt E”. “projekt E” is IMG Motorsports (FIA World Rallycross Championship Promoter) all electric Rallycross project scheduled to start in 2020.

STARD is further competing in the FIA World Rallycross Championship with in house developed Ford Fiesta based Supercars since 2015.