STARD releases information on “projekt E” rallycross EV demonstration car

All electric, 4WD, 450 kW (612HP), 1.100 Nm, 240 km/h top speed, named STARD Ford Fiesta ELECTRX

After initial press releases by IMG in April and STARD in May, today STARD releases further details on the first demonstrator car for IMG´s “projekt E” which will be the firms 2nd officially presented all electric rallycross car.

The car utilizes STARD´s new “REVelution” EV motorsport powertrain kit with 2 propulsed axles (Fr & Rr) with an integrated LSD (Limited Slip differential) and an electronically controlled Fr/Rr torque distribution.

The powertrain kit is fully flexible and designed to fit any type of road car bodyshells from the B-segment upwards, especially including current and future EV crossovers.

STARD targets the performance to be above current WRX Supercar level, despite utilization of a very cost effective and user friendly system.

Main components of the kit are:

E Motors & Controllers


RESS (Rechargable Energy Storage System = HV Battery Pack)

Electronics Package

Wiring Harness

Charging System


The Ford Fiesta ELECTRX is STARD´s interpretation of a future EV Rallycross supercar being cleaner, faster and especially also cheaper than today´s WRX ICE machines.

It is one of various cars expected to be run in “projekt E”, which like STARD´s car is meant to be a first step to showcase and demonstrate the all-electric future of Rallycross.

Michael Sakowicz, CEO STARD:

“The STARD Ford Fiesta ELECTRX shall showcase our EV motorsport competence. It also will be used as a demonstration and testcar for the “projekt E” initiative to which we are the official exclusive technical partner to IMG Motorsports.

The plan is to demonstrate, showcase and test what can be done with EV powertrains in Rallycross throughout as early as 2020. projekt E will be just the start into a bigger long term and comprehensive electric future of Rallycross which of course we aim to influence maybe even more with our Ford Fiesta ELECTRX, than we have done with our 1st all electric RX car back in 2016”

STARD does not disclose specific information about projekt E or the detailed nature of the undertaking apart from that it will feature activity in 2020, hinting that promoter IMG would follow with more information with regards to projekt E.

“The plan is to make a first step and explore the great possibilities for EV powertrains in Rallycross. Of course this makes only sense when it is done in close consideration of the entire WRX environment including the FIA, Private Teams, Manufacturers, Promoters, Organizers, and even sponsors, especially taking into account also their future plans. So, even around our purely technical focus, we keep a close communication with all the mentioned parties in order to make sure we shape a strong and consistent future for Rallycross together.

Meanwhile even most of the biggest critics have understood that EV is needed for this fantastic format to keep rising and actually even to survive at all already in a short term. The exact structure and the activity around projekt E will be disclosed to the public at a later stage by our partner IMG, and will fit perfectly together with potential other big undertakings after 2020. We will meanwhile continue to disclose more technical details about our REVelution system, which is built around the needs of “projekt E” and other related applications, and is immediately available for any higher or even lower performance specification due to the versatile system.”



STARD (Stohl Advanced Research and Development and part of Stohl Group GmbH), CEO & founder Michael Sakowicz, is a research and development specialist company active in advanced motorsport, racing and high performance technology.

Stohl Group GmbH was founded and is owned by former Gr.N rally world champion and WRC Star Manfred Stohl and consisting of 3 major independently operating business departments:

  • STARD (R&D for motorsport, automotive and beyond),
  • Stohl Racing (technical and logistic motorsport service, aftermarket),
  • Stohl Apartments (Accommodation)


STARD is focussing on entire vehicle and subsystem development and, together with Stohl Group´s other departments, covers the process chain, from first concept, design, prototype build up, up to small series vehicle production entirely in house.

Stohl Racing additionally offers worldwide top level race service, including the service of STARD in-house developed  racing vehicles.

STARD is very active in R&D projects for full EV powertrain systems and has taken a pioneering role in EV technology for mixed surface motorsport categories like rally and rallycross by introduction of the world´s first all-electric Rally/Rallycross development car “HIPER MK1”

Infos on HIPER MK1:


STARD is further official supplier of IMG´s “projekt E”. “projekt E” is IMG Motorsports (FIA World Rallycross Championship Promoter) all electric Rallycross project scheduled to start in 2020.

STARD is further competing in the FIA World Rallycross Championship with in house developed Ford Fiesta based Supercars since 2015.