BRUSA Elektronik AG and STARD to develop and market State of the Art Powertrain Solutions for Motorsport under new exclusive STARDxBRUSA Brand

STARDxBRUSA Inverter & E-MotorSTARDxBRUSA Inverter & E-Motor

Swiss industry leading EV powertrain and power electronics development specialist BRUSA Elektronik AG, and Austrian EV motorsport frontrunner STARD take their close cooperation to the next level by having signed an agreement to co-develop and market current and next generation state of the art high performance E-motors, Inverters, DC-DC Converters, and development services for motorsport and special applications.

Meanwhile over 10 years of project-based cooperation and development partnership, BRUSA Elektronik AG equipped various STARD in-house developed vehicles with its components. Just two of the most recent examples are STARD´s ERX™ electric powertrain system, as used in the first ever road car bodyshell based EV FIA international series introduced as “Projekt E” as part of the 2020 FIA World Rallycross Championship, and the world´s first Rally2 (previously R5) based EV race car, the STARD Citroen Racing C3 ERX™ which was co-developed with Citroen Racing.

Christian Stöckeler, Vice President Engineering BRUSA:
“STARD is among just a handful of companies worldwide with true in-depth knowledge ranging from high performance BEV battery systems through to profound entire vehicle development capability for motorsport and high performance backed up by a lot of experience. Their vehicle integration competence is a vital complementary factor to set the right targets from the early concept phase onwards, resulting in perfectly performing appropriately designed and validated propulsion systems. We are delighted to deliver our components and system know-how for this high demanding market and compete on the highest level.”


Michael Sakowicz, STARD founder & CEO:
“BRUSA is one of the best suited specialists in the world we can imagine as our partner for developing propulsion and power electronics components. By adding the exclusive STARDxBRUSA systems to our portfolio, we at STARD can proudly state to have one of the most comprehensive line-ups of high quality EV customer motorsport and high performance solutions on the worldwide market.”

Additional aspects of the agreement offer BRUSA direct access to STARD´s battery development, electronic system and entire vehicle integration and development competence and experience, while STARD will take a leading role in customer support and servicing of the common STARDxBRUSA product portfolio.


STARD REVelution battery pack & STARDxBRUSA E-Motors

STARD HV Battery Pack & STARDxBRUSA E-Motors

Vienna based R&D specialist STARD has an extensive line-up of entirely in-house developed systems and services for the high performance EV environment among them, but not only, of course:

• FIA certified turnkey powertrain kits
• FIA certified HV battery packs
• VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) software incl. full torque vectoring
• electric and Electronic packages
• proprietary motorsport and high-performance transmissions
• turnkey entire vehicle development and production
• world championship level global race service

A current range of high performance yet cost efficient STARDxBRUSA E-motors, inverters and DC-DC converters supplied by STARD is already available to customers and in use at projects such as Hayden Paddon´s Hyundai New Zealand EV Rallycar and ERX Team Ferratum´s Ford Fiesta ERX™.

Video of Ken Block introducing 612HP STARDxBRUSA equipped STARD Ford Fiesta ERX™.

STARD Citroen C3 ERX

STARD Citroen C3 ERX


About BRUSA Elektronik AG
Excellence since 1985. BRUSA Elektronik AG is a leading engineering provider for all electronic and mechanical components of the e-Powertrain. Since the foundation of the company in 1985, BRUSA has significantly contributed to the worldwide breakthrough of electric mobility.

The founder of BRUSA Elektronik AG, Josef Brusa, already thought about how to use his newly acquired engineering skills during his studies. The main motivation: it should not only be interesting, but also useful. “The future of mobility is electric.” he knew already more than 35 years ago.

Today, BRUSA Elektronik AG develops and produces technologies and products whose long-term benefits for the environment and society the company is convinced of.

The intelligent design of BRUSA products not only saves a lot of valuable material such as rare earths. copper and aluminium, but also represents for decades
• enormous power and torque density
• best performance and efficiency
• constant and also scalable power

Our global team is constantly working on innovations at our locations around the world to promote electric mobility. As an innovation platform, we offer in cooperation with our partners solutions that provide our international customers with decisive competitive advantages.

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STARD (Stohl Advanced Research and Development and part of Stohl Group GmbH), founded by CEO Michael Sakowicz, is a research and development specialist company for high performance automotive, motorsport and advanced technologies.

Since 2012 STARD, founded in 2002, is intensively focussing on comprehensive EV powertrain system development for motorsport and high performance applications and EV entire vehicle development. Today, STARD has become a worldwide leader in high quality all electric motorsport solutions for specially including customer motorsport solutions and FIA certified EV race cars based on road car bodyshells.

Recent EV world premieres by STARD EV racecars and powertrains

1st  EV S2000 Rallycar (2015); EV Rallycross Supercar (2019), EV Rally2 Car (2020)
1st  Works supported EV customer motorsport vehicles (Ford & Citroen Racing 2019,2020)
1st  FIA EV International series for road car based cars with motorsport powertrain (Projekt E 2020)
1st  EV Rally2 Competition Participation (2020)

The parent organisation Stohl Group GmbH was founded in 2002 by owner and former rally Gr.N world champion, WRC and WRX Driver Manfred Stohl and consists of 3 major independently operating business units:

– STARD (R&D for motorsport, automotive and beyond)
– Stohl Racing (turnkey motorsport team and service, motorsport & aftermarket wholesale)
– Stohl Apartments (Accommodation)

STARD Homepage:
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Facebook page: @stard.austria
Instagram: stard.austria